The plan for a duel between Aeneas and Turnus has been foiled yet again – worse, Aeneas has been wounded by a stray arrow, and, as he leaves the field, Turnus goes on yet another rampage, breaking the oaths that King Latinus has sworn. Hear Virgil’s vivid Latin and follow in English here.

Turnus follows a phantom Aeneas away from danger, while the real Aeneas, roused by the death of his friend Pallas, is seeking him on the battlefield.

Hear Virgil’s Latin and follow in English here.

In the illustration by Franςois Boucher, Venus spirits Paris away in a mist to save him from Helen’s husband, King Menelaus.

In the battle between the Trojans and Rutulians, Turnus, the Italian leader, and Pallas, the young Arcadian Prince, confront one another – Pallas fights bravely, but the match is an uneven one. Hear the combat in Virgil’s Latin and follow in English here.