In today’s translation and reading, Horace tells young Chloe that she’ ready to become a woman. Hear Horace’s Latin performed and follow in English here: see the illustrated blog post here.

Another war against the Parthians looks in the offing and the outcome of the last one does not reflect well on Roman military pride and moral fibre. An inspiring example is needed. Step forward Regulus, who long ago persuaded the Senate to reject a deal with the Carthaginians which would have saved his own life. Hear the Regulus Ode here.

Virgil is bound for Athens. His friend, Horace, wishes him a voyage watched over by the Gods, and a safe return. In a bravura performance on a conventional theme, he goes on to marvel at the presumption of those who step over the divinely-ordained boundaries of the natural world by hazarding an ocean voyage.

Hear Horace’s Latin and follow in English here.