The latest post from Pantheon Poets is the story of Apollo and Daphne from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In Ovid’s version, Apollo’s overwhelming love for the reluctant nymph is caused by Cupid as revenge when Apollo has poked fun at his bow, but the consequences for Daphne could not be more serious.

Hear Ovid’s Latin in the original and follow in English here.

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The archer-God Apollo, flushed with his victory over Python, the monstrous serpent, has poked fun at Cupid’s bow, suggesting that such weapons are best left to the grown-ups. Cupid takes his revenge by inducing Daphne, a huntress-nymph, to renounce love altogether, and then making Apollo fall for her, head over heels.

Hear Ovid’s Latin and follow in English here.