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This page provides an index to all of the poetry in German on Pantheon Poets. Most of the poem pages contain a performance of the poem by Tatjana Pisarski, alongside a new translation into English: the remainder have links to external sites where you can hear the poems performed by others.

Todesfüge, Paul Celan’s great poem about the Holocaust:

An den Mond, by Goethe, with a link to a beautiful performance of Schubert’s musical setting by Dietrich Firscher-Dieskau and Gerald Moore:

Es war ein König in Thule, by Goethe

The Poet’s Study, in which Goethe adapts the ancient Greek and Latin Elegiac metre to German:

The Swiss, Gottfried Keller, creates a great nature poem, and uses an ancient motif to muse on the nature of artistic creation:

Der Schwan, in which Rilke conveys a typically mystical vision of life and eternity:

Finally, eight passages from Schiller’s free translation of two of the books of Virgil’s Aeneid in which he shows the Trojan Prince Aeneas telling the story of the fall of Troy, followed by the beginning and tragic end of the doomed love-affair between the two:

If you are interested in German poetry and how it works, here is a link to an  English-language site,, which has intriguing analysis and examples.

To scroll the original and English translation of the poem at the same time - tap inside one box to select it and then scroll.


More poems by this author will be added shortly.