Today we publish all 20 of the Horace Odes so far on Pantheon Poets as a single selection in reference order. Access it here to hear the poetry in the original Latin and follow in English translation.

Today’s post completes Pantheon Poets’ set of extracts from Virgil’s Georgics. See and hear Virgil’s story of Aristaeus and his bees here, and access the full set of Georgics extracts here.

In today’s post from his Georgics, Virgil explores the sexual instinct, common to men and animals. Hear the Latin and follow in English here; see the illustrated blog post with a horse painted by George Stubbs here.

Today’s post from Virgil’s Georgics continues his idealised love-song to the farming life. Hear Virgil’s Latin and follow in John Dryden’s 17th-century English translation here; see the blog post with some happy pigs here.