German poets to know and love.


1920 - 1970

A Romanian who wrote in German, Paul Celan was a great poet of the Holocaust.



In addition to his great work founded on the traditions of German culture and folklore, he was strongly influenced by Latin poets and poetry, especially following a visit to Rome which made a deep impression on him in the 1780s.

Roman Elegies XI

The Poet’s study

For you, O Graces

Goethe's study's classical décor

An den Mond

Füllest wieder Busch und Tal

Goethe to the Moon

Es war ein König in Thule

Es war ein König in Thule

Love and loyalty from Goethe's Faust


1759 - 1805

Friedrich von Schiller, 1759 - 1805, the great contemporary of Goethe, wrote a first-rate translation of Books 2 and 4 of Virgil's Aeneid, covering the fall of Troy and Aeneas's love-affair with Dido.

Schiller's version of the Aeneid, Book 2, stanzas 35 - 39

Friedrich Schiller recounts the death of Laocoon

Jetzt aber stellt sich den entsetzten Blicken

Friedrich Schiller recounts the death of Laocoon

Aeneis 4, 67 - 72

Schiller tells of Dido’s anguish

Längst hatte sie, indem er sprach, den Rücken

Dido's complaint to Aeneas, by Schiller

Aeneis 2, 125 - 128

Schiller describes the last of Dido

Sie ruft's, und steht schon oben auf den Stufen

Schiller describes Dido's final end