English poets to know and love.


1809 - 1892

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, is a classic example of a relatively modern writer who was strongly influenced by his deep knowledge and love of Latin poetry.

To Virgil

Roman Virgil, thou that singest

Tennyson's tribute to Virgil

W E Henley

1849 - 1902

Poet, critic and friend of R L Stevenson and J M Barrie

“A late lark” and “Madam Life”

Madam Life's a Piece in Bloom

Contrasting takes on death by the Victorian W E Henley


Twentieth century English poet writing in traditional forms.

San Lorenzo

Across the way see San Lorenzo stand

J de S Westbrook on hidden beauties.

Menelaus reflects

The Queen and I meet almost every day

Menelaus takes stock

Westbrook jokes about the novel

Emma Woodhouse was no retiring mouse

Tenbury Wells

Westbrook on love and family.

Waldlied (Forest Song)

Arm in Arm und Kron' an Krone steht der Eichenwald verschlungen,

A fine Swiss poet uses ancient myth.

Der Schwan (The Swan)

Diese Mühsal, durch noch Ungetanes

Rilke sees a metaphor for life and death in the swan on land and on water.

Chanson de Printemps

Les souffles flottant dans les bois en fleurs

A love poem by Marcel Proust

Seven billion and one

Seven billion and one, or give or take

Westbrook on population growth