Welcome to Latin (and Greek) poetry performed and translated, and poetry influenced by the classics in English and other European languages

the latin poets
the latin poets
the latin poets

Welcome to Pantheon Poets

a pathway to Latin poetry – and you don’t need to know Latin

I hope you enjoy Pantheon Poets. In Britain, only a small proportion of people born since 1960 know any Latin. But, for many, many European authors who have written between the dark ages and the middle of the twentieth century, education meant the classics, and they were often influenced as much or more by Latin poets like Virgil, Horace and Catullus as by writers in their own languages.

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If you are interested in English and other modern European literature, Pantheon Poets tries to offer you a more authentic glimpse into this long and influential Latin tradition than just reading modern translations can provide. Pantheon Poets is of course also aimed at anybody who already knows Latin, has an enthusiasm for its poetry and might enjoy it in this format. New poems and poets will be added from time to time.

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Catullus sticks his nose in.

In his Lesbia poems, Catullus is a sensitive romantic: when he wants to know intimate details about friends’ new partners, romance goes out of the window. The language is strong, Continue Reading

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